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 Matt Chinn
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Build a Zombie Survival Machine with The Walking Dead Chop Shop App

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Walking Dead Chop Shop App

Hyundai’s partnership with The Walking Dead has already resulted in some pretty impressive zombie-themed vehicles.  Take a look at the Elantra Coupe Zombie Survival Machine designed by the creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, himself.

Now, Hyundai is giving us the ability to create our very own vehicle to help us survive the impending zombie apocalypse with the Walking Dead Chop Shop app, and there is no shortage of options.

You will first pick your base vehicle; a Hyundai Santa Fe to hold all of your gear, a Veloster Turbo for quick getaways, or an Elantra for a little bit of both.  Then, it’s time for the fun part: weapons.  The Chop Shop has just about every option you can think of to equip your vehicle with, and some you would have never thought of.

Of course, you have your standard machete, knife blades, and armor plating for close-quarters protection, but just because they’re far away doesn’t mean a “walker” should get away.  Toss on a machine gun, flamethrower, mortar, and/or an automatic shotgun for some long-range protection.

Those are just a few of the nearly 300 parts you can choose from for your zombie survival machine, and you can customize your own paint job too – might as well survive the end of the world in style.

Check out the video walkthrough to see just how to get started, and then create your own Hyundai zombie-defense vehicle for a chance to get it built for real and displayed at the New York Comic Con this fall.