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BMW Bike Racks Ideal for Off-Roading Enthusiasts

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BMW bike racks

Transport your bike safely with BMW bike racks.

For those of you BMW owners looking to capitalize on the idyllic fall weather by taking an autumnal bike ride, you will need to invest in one of the automaker’s BMW bike racks to secure your two-wheel ride.  Reasonably priced and extremely secure, these nifty add-ons are nice compliments to your Bimmer’s beauty that let fellow drivers know that you are serious about your cycling.

With a variety of handsome choices, ranging from Lockable Racing Cycle Holders for the roof and Rear-Mounted Bicycle Carriers for the trunk, BMW offers bike racks for drivers with all varieties of biking needs.  Roof racks require the $240 BMW Base Support system, which adds another layer of versatility for all of your adventuring needs by being adaptable to ski holders, surfboard carriers, luggage racks, and holding cargo boxes.

The BMW Blog offers a number of quick tips on the best ways to install your bike rack as well as a look at the benefits of choosing one model over another.  For those looking to transport friends and their bikes for a weekend of trail journeying, the blog reminds users that BMW bike racks can support up to four bikes, though the blogger only recommends carrying three at a time and alternating the direction in such a way to prevent the handles from bumping into each other.

It should come as no surprise, given BMW’s commitment to automotive excellence, that their bike racks are as intuitively designed as the vehicles they sit upon.  To browse BMW’s bike rack lineup, visit their shop page.

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