The Car Cover Industry

The car cover has a long past. Many years ago the car cover came to be. The car cover has been protecting vehicles for about 50 years now. The 97 98 99 00 01 02 ford expedition f 150 dash trim cover radio vent bezel tan ebay motors parts & accessories car & truck parts i offers many benefits. Like keeping your vehicle protected from the weather, dust, dirt and the bumps and scratches that your car will receive over time. There are many places you can receive abuse to your vehicle. When you have your car parked in the driveway there are kids that can cause damage inadvertently just playing in the street. Then there is the bumps and scratches you get when your car is in the garage, from taking out the trash or just walking by it to get something buried in all that stuff you have in your garage. There are many styles and types of covers for all types of vehicles. There are covers for cars, trucks, SUV’s, vans, station wagons, limousines. There are covers for all your ATV’s, RV’s and Motor Homes. There are covers for all your back yard accessories, like tables, chairs, barbecues and more. There are covers for all your automotive accessories. like wheel covers, dash covers, seat covers and many more. I think you can find a cover for every need you have.

The cover industry has come a long way, the manufacturing process has been improved in many ways, and the new materials in this field are far more superior. Years ago when you bought a cover it was just a big tent that you had to tie down as best you could. Today when you purchase a cover it has been improved in many ways. They have installed elastic in the hem to help the cover to conform better in the front and rear, helping it to stay on better. There are also tie down grommets that you can use a cable lock or bungee cord to hold the cover better in the wind and prevent theft. Many companies offer incentives to buy there covers, from free shipping to locks and storage bags. When you are looking for a cover for your cars, RV’s, ATV’s or any other cover you should shop around. On the Internet you will find a wide variety to choose from. Always check their shipping policy and the warranties they offer on their products. Today there are many types of covers like the custom, semi custom, bubble and more. Do some research before you buy to pick the cover that will work best for you. In the long run the cover industry has made a cover that can help you protect your vehicles better and longer. In my opinion you need to protect your cars and vehicles from all the abuse that the world can throw at them. And one of your best defenses is a car cover. Some Of The Many Reasons You Need To Protect Your Car’s Finish With A Car Cover

If you walk down any street in America today and you will encounter a variety of vehicles. Cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs line the streets and keep us mobile. Newer cars are becoming easier for people to obtain and most people prefer to keep them in good condition. One of the best ways to care for your vehicle is to purchase and use a car cover. Car covers are often used to protect your vehicle. Coming in both custom and standard variations, there is a car cover available for your vehicle. Car covers are used for a variety of reasons. It is better to have a car cover for your vehicle than not unless your vehicle sits in a garage. Standard car covers are ready made covers available at various locations. These car covers will fit certain models or sizes. Standard car covers are easy to find, often sold in auto parts stores and department stores. As far as price goes, these covers are generally cheaper than a custom cover however, you may find it is comparable to the old saying, “You get what you pay for.”

Custom car covers are made to fit a particular vehicle, generally specially made, thus the name custom. You can order custom car covers from the dealership that you purchased your car from. If you are unable to order a custom car cover from the dealership, call the manufacturer of your vehicle and they should be able to assist you. There are also businesses that specialize in making custom car covers. At custom shops they will embroider your cover with names, pictures, sports teams and just about anything you wish to have put on one. Another great place to find car covers is by using the Internet. The Internet can allow you access to vehicle shops and specialty stores from around the world. There are many reasons to purchase a car cover. The sun’s UV and UB rays can cause damage to your paint and finish on your vehicle. Over a span of a few years the finish on your vehicle can begin to rust if not cared for properly. Car covers will add years to the life of your paint job on your vehicle. The sun can get quite hot during the daytime, therefore warming up the interior of your vehicle. The heat puts the dashboard and seat materials at risk of fading dramatically over time. Along with heat and sun the weather can be extremely damaging to your vehicle. Hail damage is one of the most common claims for non accident insurance claims. Just a few dents or nicks from hail damage can drop the resale of your vehicle by thousands of dollars.

Car Covers And the Holidays

The holidays are upon us and it is time to do some serious shopping. Everyone is out and about looking for gifts for their friends and family. There are lot’s of choices. With winter weather here, one idea that makes sense is a quality car cover or recreational vehicle cover. Car covers keep the snow and ice from potentially damaging the finish of any vehicle. They also protect chrome and rubber trimmings. Another excellent benefit of using a car cover is the ease and convenience they provide. No more scraping windshields, removing snow or waiting for the ice to melt. If covered, just take it off, shake it off and you are on your way.

If you are covering an RV, boat, jet ski or other recreational vehicle for the season it will be ready to go come summer. If you or your family and friends store their vehicle outdoors this is a great way to say you care by giving them the gift of preservation for their toys. Those of us who have expensive toys such as a motor home, boat etc. know the importance of keeping them in great shape so that they will last. Covering a vehicle with a car cover or recreational vehicle cover is a great way to promote longevity.n They make covers to today for virtually every vehicle out there. Regardless of what you want to cover. Cars, trucks, SUV’s, RV’s, boats, jet ski’s, motorcycles, ATV’s even golf carts. There is a cover available regardless of where you live. Northwest, Southwest, rain, snow or ice. They even make a dust cover for indoor storage which will keep dust and debris from settling onto the finish. To find the cover that fits your gift giving needs just shop the Internet, you will need to know the make and model or the size. Most sites will have a section to help you determine which cover to order. Some sites offer free shipping so be sure to shop around as some of these covers, especially the larger RV covers can be pretty costly to ship so it is worth finding a free shipping offer. It is also a good idea to review return policy’s.

Why Use a Car Cover?

There are many products on the market today for your car or other vehicles, probably numbering in the thousands. Many are gizmo’s designed to make a buck and that is about it, others actually have a great purpose and should be seriously considered. Among this group of products would be the car cover. Car covers are intended to protect your car, truck, SUV, station wagon etc. from the elements. Regardless of where you live or park, mother nature can be destructive to your vehicles finish and interior. Not only your primary mode of transportation but also your recreational vehicles such as RV’s, boats, jet skis, motorcycles etc. can benefit from a vehicle cover. They even make them for motorcycles, limousines and golf carts.

Mother nature can pack a punch, the most damaging would probably be the suns UV rays which can fade paint and interior surfaces as well as cause dry rot to any exposed rubber surfaces, even tires which coincidentally, they make covers for. There is also the matter of precipitation that can be a nuisance or actually cause damage. Simple rain can ruin a clean cars brilliant shine we work so hard to maintain whereas hail, snow and ice can actually harm the surface or just be a pain to remove. Flying debris brought down by wind can scratch and dent in the more intense storms. Why not protect your vehicles with a quality car cover. If covered, all of the above mentioned potential damage can be prevented and your vehicle will maintain it’s shine and brilliance as well as it’s value. If your vehicle looks its very best when it comes time to sell or trade, that can go a long way. Most folks take care of the engine, maintaining with regular tunes ups and oil changes in order to ensure longevity and value, the look of a vehicle is equally important. Using a car cover will ensure your vehicle whether it is an RV, ATV, car or truck maintains it’s great look for years to come and consequently helping prolong it’s value.

Choosing the right car cover could not be easier in today’s world with the use of the Internet. You will need to do a little research to get the best price but as far as choosing the right cover, all the information is there at your fingertips. Where you live and park/store your vehicle can help you decide which cover will work best for you. If you park or store inside, a simple dust cover will suffice. If outdoors, a dust cover is only recommended for short term use. If you live where the sun shines more than the rain falls such as the Southwest, a cover made from Tyvek is best, it offers the most UV protection on the market and is also water resistant. If you live where there is more precipitation, a heavier duty waterproof cover is best. These covers provide the ultimate protection form precipitation and will allow any condensation that may form underneath to evaporate. They also make a 4 layer cover with fleece lining for the ultimate protection for your vehicles finish. When you are ready to purchase just use one of the many search engines available today to start the process. Just plug in ‘truck cover’ for example and you will be off and running. Be sure to investigate the shipping and return policies as well as price. Some companies offer free shipping and some do not so it is worth it to spend a bit of time on this task. You also want to ensure your order the correct size as return shipping will typically be on you if you order incorrectly the first time around. Most sites will have a sizing section to help you determine this or they may even have the option of simply plugging in the make, year model etc. in order to determine the correct size for your vehicle. Using a car or other vehicle cover is a smart decision that will pay itself off in the years to come with the protection it will provide so use a car cover today to ensure your vehicles shine and brilliance.